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Audi Cluster Repairs



Thank you for visiting my page. I started to repair clusters as my own TT MKI QS240 developed the usual failure of the LCD panel as well as a couple of other faults.


I am a fully qualified electronic and electrical engineer with 30 years hands on experience in electronic repairs to component level in surface mount and through-hole electronic devices.


I only use high quality hot air soldering systems, high end RF soldering equipment as well as high quality inspection equipment.


I will undercut any like for like quote you receive. I will also be offering a same day service as well as a drive away service (Drive to me, remove your dash, I can drop you in town so you can shop and get a coffee, and when your cluster is repaired I will call and collect you, you refit your cluster and away you go), I can help with the removal and refitting of your cluster.


*Your cluster will be fully bench tested both pre and post repair using VCDS*

**Also available with a lifetime warranty on all repairs**


Clusters repaired :


Audi TT 8N Series Jaeger (1999-2005)

Audi A3/S3 8L Series Jaeger (1999-2004)

Audi A6 C5 4B Series Bosch and Jaeger Only (1999-2005) Audi AllRoad C5 Series(1999-2005)

Audi S6 C5 4B Series(1999-2003)

Audi A4 / S4 B5 Series VDO



Usual Service : is to send your cluster to me, I will repair your cluster and ship it back to you the next day, this is the cheapest method as the carrier costs are less, i.e you send it Monday, I receive it Tuesday, ship it back to you Wednesday and you receive your repaired Cluster Thursday


SameDay repairs : I must receive your cluster by 1pm at the latest, you can do this by using Royal Mail Special delivery before 1pm service or by specifying with a carrier a pre 1pm delivery. Your cluster will be repaired and shipped back to you the same day, this saves one day on the above service


Whilst you wait : You drive to me in Cirencester in Gloucestershire, you remove your cluster, I can then run you into town (or if you like walking its about 15mins walk) so you can shop and get a coffee in the Historic Roman town of Cirencester, I will work on your cluster and call you when its been repaired, I can then collect you and you can refit your cluster. Dont worry if you do not know how to remove and refit your cluster, I can help you.

Tel: +447595070677

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